Every year I try; every year I fail. I try to explain why there is a relatively simple, straightforward way to understand pitcher performance that is, in fact, a more accurate explanation of how pitchers perform. I understand that change is hard. I get it. I truly do. But perhaps 2017 will be the year people see the light. Let’s get to replacing WHIP, shall we?

Average Bases Allowed, or ABA, is an innovative way to look at pitcher’s effectiveness and it is designed to replace WHIP (Walks + Hits / IP). At the least, I would settle for it to be used alongside WHIP at the start, but I’m telling you folks that ABA is a much better way to look at hurlers, and it is very simple to compute. What spawned the idea of ABA? My desire for a measure more precise than WHIP. An example to illustrate the point:

Pitcher A allows one hit and one walk in two innings.
Therefore his WHIP is 1.00 (two base runners in two IP).

Pitcher B allows one hit and one walk in two innings.

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