Make sure to read these two articles if you’re interested in first year players.

The 2017 MLB Rookie Report

Don’t Depend on Rookies


Tim Anderson appeared in 99 games last season for the White Sox batting .283 with nine homers, 10 steals and 57 runs scored. Given the cost last year, it was a strong effort. Still, a huge issue were the 13 walks, an embarrassing total. He simply swung at everything, leading to a terrible 14.7 percent swinging strike rate. All of that led to a .306 OBP that was only .023 points above his batting average. When his .375 BABIP regresses, and it will, his average will come down and it could drag his OBP into the gutter. Still, he’s got the talent to hit 10 homers with 30 steals, and given the cost this season it’s likely that not enough folks are talking about him.

Orlando Arcia predictably struggled last season as a 22-year-old who’s bat lagged behind his glove. Still, Arcia is one of the best shortstop prospects in the game and he...

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