As of this writing, playing time is a bit of an issue for Jose Peraza. Brandon Phillips won’t accept a trade even though the team has tried to deal him for years. Zack Cozart, one of my favorites (not), is still with the team. Have to think at this point that he’s the starter at short, warts and all. The outfield looks like it will be Adam Duvall, Billy Hamilton and... Scott Schebler? Of course, Jesse Winker is coming too, and at some point he will be starting in the outfield for this team in 2017. As for Peraza, he appeared in 31 games at shortstop, 21 in the outfield and 12 at second base which is why I mentioned all three spots with the Reds. So where does Peraza play? It’s a bit uncertain at the moment. Still, I’m suggesting that you draft Peraza. The reasons follow.

1 – Cozart will be traded or struggle. Come on, you know it will happen.

2 – There’s always a chance that Phillips eventually accepts a trade. Maybe. 

NOTE: This trade did indeed happen. 
Reds Receive:...

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