Tim Laudner hit 42 homers with 104 RBI at Double-A in 1981.
He hit 77 homers in his big-league career.

Ken Phelps went .333-46-141 at Triple-A in 1982.
He went on to bat .239 with 123 homers in the big leagues.

Russell Branyan went 40-106 and 39-105 in 1996 and 1997 at Single and Double-A.
He never had 80 RBI as a big leaguer and had just one season of 26 homers.

Rick Ankiel was the 1999 Baseball America Minor League Player of the Year.
He lasted 242 big league innings before having to quit pitching to become a hitter.

Jon Rauch was the 2000 Baseball America Minor League Player of the Year.
He was moved to the pen in the bigs and posted a 4.00 ERA with no All-Star births.

Jeremy Hellickson was the 2010 Baseball American Minor League Player of the Year.
He’s gone 61-58 with a 3.90 ERA, 1.25 WHIP and lots of general averageness.

As should be clear from the small list of players above, minor league dominance doesn’t always lead to major league success. The...

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