You hear the term “BABIP” nearly every day when you read fantasy analysis. This article will help you to understand what it means, how to understand it and which players stood out in a meaningful way. We’ll also touch on the line drive, the most important type of batted ball there is.


BABIP, also referred to as a player's hit rate, is the rate at which batted balls end up as base hits. There is a caveat with BABIP – it removes home runs from the equation because technically the ball isn't in play on a home run (it never lands in the field of play). Here is the simple formula in play for the measure we call BABIP. 

(H-HR) / (AB-K-HR+SF) 

*SF = sacrifice fly


1) The major-league average for BABIP is traditionally in the .290-.300 range. Last year it was .298.

(2) Players tend to establish their own level of BABIP production over the years. More pointedly, a look at a rolling three-year period – i.e. the last three years –...

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