For a longer version of this article that explains all these measures in more detail, not to mention touching about many, many more measures, give our MLB Sabermetrics Primer a read. That piece explains all the sabermetric measures that you’re likely to come across in your fantasy baseball musings.

In this article we will touch on some sabermetric numbers and show how players performed in each category last season. Maybe we will find a few players that overperformed, or some that underperformed, in 2016. Heck, some of these measures aren’t even really “sabermetric” stuff, their just non-traditional categories you should be aware of. Maybe I should have used a different title. I’ll speak to my editor for next year’s guide.

OK, basically, this is an article to point out guys that over or underperformed in four significant categories. I should have just said that at the start, right?


BABIP, also referred...

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