What do names like Robbie Ray, Drew Pomeranz, David Dahl and Jose Peraza have in common? In nearly every 10 or 12-team mixed league last year, none of those players were drafted. Every year this happens where we look back 12 months ago and think – huh, why didn’t we draft that fella? Whatever the reason the player wasn’t drafted, the fact is, every year guys like Adam Duvall, Hernan Perez and Steven Wright move from waivers to the rosters of teams that win championships. It’s just how it works. So, with that as the setup, what are some tips you will benefit from when working the waiver wire in your league?

Understand how your waivers work.

Is your league first-come, first-serve waivers?

Do your waivers run Monday morning? Sunday night?

Do your waivers run twice a week?

Are your waivers run on a daily basis?

How do you set up waiver claims on multiple players? This one can be a killer the first time you run through the process. Make sure you know how the process...

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