Patience is the companion of wisdom.
- Saint Augustine

It ain’t easy being patient. Sitting there, doing nothing, just waiting while things go downhill around you is exceedingly difficult. However, there are times where the ability to be patient is rewarded with a bounty of success. At the same time, knowing when to jump up off the park bench and wade into the fray is also a commendable trait. The point is, having patience, in theory, is a good thing. In the real world, though, we have to put some rules in place with that patience streak. Below are some thoughts to keep in mind once the regular season bullets start flying.

Make sure your league has DL spots.

You can be patient with a player if he’s on the DL so long as he’s not taking up an active roster spot. If you’re league doesn’t have DL spots, then patience with injured players is extremely difficult.

Understand patience is relative.

In fantasy baseball you have to exercise patience, but the idea is a nuanced...

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