I hear it all preseason every year.

“Ray, who should I take in the first round?”

I wrote about this fallacy in Does the First Round Really Matter?

“Is it more important to choose the #7 or #10 pick?”

“How long should I wait to take my first starting pitcher?”

All of those things matter. They do. But they miss the bigger point.

You have to draft an entire team. Doesn’t matter who you take first or fourth, you still have to roster a whole team. You also have to spend your reserve round picks wisely. This article will attempt to explain why it’s at least as important for you to worry about how to spend your 25th pick as it is to lose sleep over who to take in the fifth round. All the picks matter, despite the dismissive tone taken by so many when it comes to late-round selections.

Here are a few data points to keep in mind when you’re considering how to spend your late-round selections on draft day.

1 – Who you roster late should be a reflection of who you...

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