Fantasy value can be accrued in a variety of ways.

You can be Chris Carter and bash 41 homers with 94 RBI.

You can steal 30 bases like Jarrod Dyson.

You can hit .304 like Yunel Escobar.

All of those guys had a place on fantasy rosters in 2016. However, there was significant downside with each as well.

Carter was one of eight men in baseball with 40 homers and 94 RBI. He also struck out 206 times and hit a mere .222, crushing owners in that category.

Dyson stole 30 bags, one of 14 men to get to that level, but that was all he did. Do you realize that he hit one homer with 25 RBI? That’s sickly offensive production.

Escobar hit .304 but he had five homers, 39 RBI and zero steals. Those are simply horrible numbers in the counting categories and that batting average by no means makes up for those pathetic digits.

It’s not always about a player producing in one category and not in another. Sometimes players just produce their value in different ways.


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