I’ve never been a fan of taking a starting pitcher early in a fantasy baseball draft. Ever. As the years have piled up, I have a little less hair on top, a little more gray in the hair that remains and I still hold the position that taking a starting pitcher early doesn’t make sense. In what follows, I’ll hopefully be able to defend that position to those of you who are in the camp that says taking starting pitchers early is a fine thing to do. Maybe I can change your mind. Maybe.

1 – Starting pitchers only contribute to four of the five primary categories. They do not accrue saves. Seems obvious to me, though apparently, it isn’t to others. As great as Clayton Kershaw is, he’s only dominating in four categories while offering you nothing for the fifth.

2 – When you take a starting pitcher early, you lose out on the chance to add either (A) an elite hitter or (B) a five-category contributor. Those type of batters are hugely important in the fantasy game.

3 – Each Major...

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