You know I love to hate. Jeff Mans and Ted Schuster might have “Haterade” on the Fantasy Alarm show on SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio, but I’m also full of hate and scorn. Mostly it’s for dumb people as I sit on my thrown of moral superiority (I’m really a nice guy, despite the arrogant front I throw out there). I’m also a negative fellow. At least that’s what people say to me. In truth, at least in my mind, I’m not negative, I’m merely authentic. If the point of view that folks hold on players is wrong, I have no hesitation to lay out the case against the player. In what follows, I will list a group of players that you need to be very cautious about rostering in 2017 given the cost of the players on draft day.

CATCHER: Wilson Ramos

Ramos is trying to come back from a second ACL surgery on his right knee. Two ACL surgeries is a big-time concern for any player. For a catcher, it should send up a massive skull and crossbones flag of concern. Current expectations suggest that he...

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