I have a lot to say, if you haven’t noticed yet. Sometimes my thoughts drift to the history of the universe. At other points, I’m thinking Bigfoot, bikinis, bellinis… and sometimes even baseball. In what follows I will do what I do best – ramble on and on in a stream of consciousness manner. Hopefully, you find it entertaining.


*Italics/bold are quotes from last year’s Draft Guide.

The price has never been lower than it will be this season for Evan Longoria. That’s why I’m buying. He only hit 21 homers with 73 RBIs last season but he has played 160 games in 3-straight seasons while averaging 25 homers, 84 RBIs and 83 runs scored.

Longoria went out and hit 36 homers, a career best, with 98 RBI and 81 runs scored as he played another 160 games.

Ian Desmond will qualify at shortstop even if he’s playing left field for the Rangers. Given the sorry state of the position, that means he should be considered a top-10 play at the position despite all...

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