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Get Your Copy of the 2017 MLB Living Draft Guide now!

Welcome to the 2017 MLB Draft Guide presented by Fantasy Alarm

Yes, it’s time for nachos, booze and baseball.

We at Fantasy Alarm are ready to knock your proverbial socks off for the upcoming baseball season, and here is how we are going to do it.

The era of magazines is over. I still participate in some of the better ones in the industry, and without stepping out of turn those magazines are being written in November and December and then sent to the presses. They are often outdated by the time they hit the newsstands.

Online guides are simply a better medium to get you, the reader, the updated advice that you need, better, and that’s why we have moved in that direction here at Alarm. We can update the Guide on a daily basis if needed, and that allows us a freedom that the print media simply doesn’t enjoy.

This year for the baseball product we’re taking things to the next level. Following upon the plan laid out in our NFL Draft Guide spearheaded by Jeff Mans, the 2017 Fantasy Alarm Draft Guide is going to be a “Living Guide.” Here’s how we will accomplish that:

The PLAYER RANKINGS will be updated as needed. That means as often as daily if news requires it. There will be mixed rankings, AL and NL only leagues as well. We will also include auction values for 10/12/15 team leagues so you can attach that type of game as well. We followed this plan last year and the feedback was great.

Here comes the inventive part...

The DRAFT GUIDE will be updated daily. Not just the rankings, but the Guide itself. Instead of releasing 300 pages in a PDF on you all at once, we thought we would slow our roll a bit, pull things in a tad, and move at a slower and more consistent pace. This is the heart of what our “Living Draft Guide” is. Today there might be five articles. Tomorrow six, next week nine, the week after that 19. The Guide will continue to grow as we near the start of the 2017 season. Pretty exciting right? Rankings, explanations, articles, thoughts, advice for all the months leading up to the start of the 2017 campaign.

Here are some content highlights for 2017.

The Rankings – Each position broken down for mixed, AL and NL only leagues.

The Player Profile Series – Which players are hyped too highly? Which players are people sleeping on? I’ll be releasing my thoughts on a myriad of players that only our premium subscribers will have access to, guys such as Giancarlo Stanton, Gary Sanchez, Daniel Murphy, Rougned Odor, Anthony Rendon, Andrew McCutchen, Jake Arrieta, Aaron Sanchez, Zack Greinke, Rick Porcello and Danny Duffy. In 1,500 words I will break down their prospects for the coming season. You might be surprised what I have to say.

30 Fantasy Baseball Strategies – A hallmark of the Fantasy Alarm offerings, we will have our staff of experts list for you their winning tips. How do you handle relievers on draft day? What about catchers? Are there mistakes to avoid on draft day (there are many)? When should you take a look at rookies? How much should you push up multi-position players on your draft board? What numbers matter for both hitters and pitchers, you know the ones beyond the 5x5 numbers that really tell the story of who the player is? What strategies are needed in-season? What’s the best way to tackle trades? Can you “punt” a category in-season and win? How much patience should you have with a struggling player? Thirty proven strategies to winning at fantasy baseball.

Daily Fantasy Baseball – Highlighted by our DFS guru Jeff Mans, we will have an entire section talking about the daily game. How do you manage your bankroll? What contests should you gravitate toward? Should you play cash games or try your hand at tournaments? What should your goals and targets be? Jeff and company break it all down to make you a DFS master.

Numbers, numbers, numbers – What sabermetric categories do you need to know about? What are FIP, SIERA, DIPS etc., and why do they matter? How much data do you really need to be assessing with players? What categories are white-noise and which are really important to understanding a player’s fantasy value? What does all this talk about sample sizes mean? Do you need to be concerned with ground balls, fly balls, strikeouts and contact rates? We’ll hit on all of that and much, much more.

Rookies – Which hyped youngsters are worth your time, and which should you avoid entirely? We will also look at second year players who so often become overlooked because of a down effort in their first season.

Traditional articles – We will also hit the baselines you’re used to. Which players are likely to underperform their draft day cost (sleepers if you will), and which are likely being undervalued (busts)? Which players’ outlook has changed because they have a new logo on their jersey? Who are the wave of players ready to ascend to fantasy stardom? Which ballparks are in play to drastically help hitters or pitchers? Let’s talk about injured players – who is at risk in 2017 and who can you safely roster?

Of course, this is just a smattering of what we have to offer, but at some point I have to reach the end of this letter so you can get to the actual Guide.

Glitz, glamour, flash, sprinkled with a ton of knowledge, insight and information to help you to dominate the competition, that’s what we have to offer in the 2017 MLB Draft Guide from Fantasy Alarm.

Your purchase of the Guide is a great first step toward success. Stick with us right up until Opening Day as we continue to break it all down, from every angle, in our Living Draft Guide.

Strap in for the ride. Hands in the vehicle. Prepare for takeoff.



S. Ray Flowers – The Oracle


Get your copy of the 2017 MLB Living Draft Guide today!

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