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The 2014 fantasy baseball season is still a couple months away, but that doesn't mean I'm not ready to start down the path of getting you prepped to dominate the competition in the coming campaign. Part of the way I'm going to do that is by partnering up with one of the best fantasy sports companies around.

For those of you that follow all of my work, not just what I write at, you'll note that I have written for years at That partnership, one I have thoroughly enjoyed and not so privately asked those in power to expand, well, let's just say that yours truly has a big smile on his face.

Starting with the 2014 fantasy baseball season, BaseballGuys and FantasyAlarm will be joining forces to hopefully create the best fantasy baseball website out there. Here's what you need to know.

1 – I will be in charge of all the content for the baseball part of the company. Don't worry, I'm not going corporate, sipping champagne while I fly around in my private jet, getting foot massages and being fed grapes by Playboy Playmate Pilar Lastra. I'll be in the same place I am every day – sitting in front of my computer pounding out articles and tweets at back breaking pace for you all to enjoy. That will not change.

2 – There will be a new website for you to bookmark:

Do not worry, if you go to your browser and type in you will be redirected to the new site (you didn't think I would leave you in the lurch did you?). I hate having to redo my bookmarks online, so we've done what can be done to make he process as smooth as possible.

3 – As I noted above, I will get the chance to work with a great group of folks that you may or may not know. People such as Colton and the Wolfman (Tuesday night's on SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio) and JeffMans/Ted Schuster (the late night show Monday through Friday on the FantasyAlarm show on SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio) will be penning great pieces all season long to help you to raise the championship banner in your home (there are many other experts, and I don't use that word lightly, that will also be contributing).

4 – The FantasyAlarm/BaseballGuys Draft Kit is coming. The date? We're shooting for January 29th. The Guide will be massive. It will have all the greatest hits from The Oracle, while there will be even more value than in years past with the addition of the great team of writers that we've assembled. We're looking at, literally, a couple hundred pages of detail covering topics such as: rookies, second year players, players to target, players to avoid, how to you do an action?, how do you use sabermetrics to help?, what category targets should you be looking at?, can Chris Davis repeat?, can Tim Lincecum rebound?, what should you do with closers?, how should you attack free agency?, all this and much, much more. Not to mention three will be three expert drafts (mixed, AL, NL) and more than 600 players ranked (Mixed, AL, NL). It's going to be, in one word, epic.

5 – There is also going to be an amazing in-season package of material available. The bottom line is this. You'll get everything you've come to expect from me while being able to gain access to so much more from the assembled team of writers.

So here's to the new, improved, I'm just gonna say it, bad ass website for BaseballGuys. Bookmark the new address if you want to or just keep going to Either way, this is your one and only spot for the latest and greatest in the world of fantasy baseball. We look forward to helping you to reach your goals in 2014 – winning fantasy baseball championships! Notice we used an “S” at the end of championship. FantasyAlarm expects you to win more than once.

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