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Most of you have quit playing fantasy football for the 2013 NFL season. I know it. But that doesn't mean there aren't options for you if you want to keep on playing. In fact, I think you should want to keep on playing because you can start from scratch now that we're on to the “second season.” Maybe you were burned by Arian Foster or Trent Richardson and your season ended long ago. Maybe you suffered a heartbreaking loss in the playoffs. Maybe you won and you just want the taste of victory yet again. There's something all of you can still do. Join a fantasy football playoff league. There are two  main ways to play fantasy football come the playoffs. Note I said “two main way.” I know there are tons of options out there, but these are the two that you will find in most spots.

(1) You can play in a league where you draft players for each week of the playoffs. Once that week is over the players you used are no longer eligible the rest of the way. You keep doing that through the Super Bowl. In essence, you can play each player one time.

(2) You play in a league where you choose all your starters one time, set your lineup, and just let the playoffs play out.

The focus of this article is on setup #2, and over at they have a playoff league where you pick your team once and then let it ride. Set your 10 starters by Saturday, January 4th at 4:30 PM, and you're good to go. The one caveat is that you can only choose two players from each NFL team (no staking allowed). I'm in the contest. So is Jeff Mans, Rick Wolf and Glenn Colton. Plenty of options for you to enter and take on one of us (Rick broke down his thoughts on the fantasy playoffs and went one step further. He put out there a FREE spreadsheet that can help you to select your players for the postseason so do yourself a favor and check it out).

The prizes? There are $150,000 up for grabs with the first place spot pulling in a cool $50,000. Pretty sure you could find a way to spend that cash pretty easily, right?

So what does my team look like? I considered keeping my team private. I considered only sharing a couple of choices. In the end though I'm paid to help you, the reader, with your fantasy decisions. So for the sake of openness I'm going to give you my entire roster. No hidden agendas here, just the truth. I do expect though if you choose the exact same team as I do and win that you share at least part of your winnings, perhaps a 20 percent fee as if I was your agent? Just a thought if you were thinking about how to say thanks.

* Remember, you can only choose a maximum of two players from each NFL team.

QB (2): Peyton Manning, Colin Kaepernick
Manning's Broncos are favored to reach the Super Bowl and he's coming off the best season ever. Colin K stepped up huge last year in the playoffs and has the arm, and legs, to break down any defense in football.

RB (2): Jamaal Charles, LeSean McCoy
They were the top two backs in fantasy football this season. They both could singlehandedly win you a matchup. Both could play two games. That's good enough for me.

Just cause. No reason.

WR (2): A.J. Green, Demaryius Thomas
Thomas is a S.B. hopeful an is coming off 2-straight seasons of 90 receptions, 1,400 yards and double-digit scores. Green's Bengals should play two games and he's coming off back-to-back seasons of at least 95 receptions, 1,350 yards and 11 scores. What a duo.

FLEX (2): Marshawn Lynch, DeSean Jackson
It seems like every game Lynch plays he goes for 80 yards an a touchdown. The Seahawks offense pretty much runs through him. If the Eagles defeat the Saints, a distinct possibility, then DJax plays at least two games catching passes from the hottest QB in football over the past two months. Gotta like that.

K (1): Stephen Gostkowski
The last two years he's bettered 150 points during the regular season. He's 18-for-20 during the playoffs in his career on Field Goal attempts. I think the Pats will play at least two games. Sold.

DEF (1): 49ers
I'm picking the Niners, by the slightest of margins, to make the Super Bowl from the NFC. Given that fact, and that the Niners aren't exactly bursting with elite offensive talent, I thought I'd take a chance on a tough defense that often comes up big in the toughest of situations.

NOTE: You can also check out Jeff Man's Playoff Rankings if you're wondering how to set up your squad.

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