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Ray Flowers tells you he knows everything. Jeff Mans yells at you that he knows everything. Do you know more then they do? Are you tired of Ray being condescending to people who can't match his IQ? Are you tired of hearing Jeff blabber on for four minutes about players off the field habits? Do you just want to shut both of them up by proving that you know more about fantasy football then they do? Thanks to you will be given the chance in 2014.

Head2Head has created a year long contest where you can take on Ray and Jeff in a weekly fantasy football salary cap league. You can battle Ray, Jeff, Rick Wolf (of Colton & the Wolfman on SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio) and the first lady of fantasy sports – Stacie Stern – in the tournament. Those four experts will take on 28 of you in the FantasyAlarm/Head2Head 2014 Fantasy Football contest. Interested in taking down the experts, grabbing some bragging rights all the while lining your pockets with some cash? Thought you might be interested in that opportunity.


There are 32 total spots. As noted that leaves 28 spots for you to join the exclusive club to take on Ray, Jeff, Rick and Stacie. Be one of the 28. Do it. Do it now.

THE RULES runs a salary cap league. Players are assigned values and you have to set your lineup each week with players that do not exceed that total cost. As for setting your lineup, since this is a salary cap league, all you need worry about is not exceeding the salary limit each week. That means you can change as many members of your roster each week as you desire. You can roll with the same lineup each week OR you can change a handful of players. Hell, you can change all ten of them if you want. Don't worry if your star gets hurt in Week 1. Just replace him in Week 2. Simple as that. You have the ability to, literally, start an entirely new lineup each week if that's how you want to handle your squad. How cool is that? 

The weekly roster looks like this each week: QB, RB, RB, RB, WR, WR, WR, FLEX, K, DEF. Pretty straight forward stuff, right? 

What about the scoring setup? Pretty straight forward as well.


6 points – touchdowns
1 point – 25 yards passing
(-2) points – interception 
1 point – 10 yards rushing/receiving
1 point – per reception
2 points – 2 point conversion
(-2)  - lost fumble
3 points – field goals
3 points – kicks made of 50 yards (6 points total for 50 yard FGs)
1 point – extra points


Shutout: 10
Zero Points Allowed
2-6 Points Allowed: 6
7-13 Points Allowed: 4
14-20 Points Allowed: 2
21-27 Points Allowed: 0
28-34 Points Allowed: -2
35-41 Points Allowed: -4
42+ Points Allowed: -6
Touchdown: 6
(Kickoff, Punt, Fumble, Interception or Blocked Kick Return)
Safety: 6
Fumble Recovery or Interception: 4
Sack: 2


Did you notice how tournaments had an “s” on it meaning plural? How astute of you. Here's why, and honestly, this is pretty damn cool if you ask this author.

There are two champions in the Head2Head game. 
One for the regular season.
One for the Playoffs. Here's how it works.

There is a regular season champion. After the regular season half the division qualifies for the playoffs. The tournament then picks back up in Wild Card week and goes all the way through the Super Bowl to crown the league champion.

That's right, the Head2Head game goes from Week 1 through the Superbowl. There is a regular season champion, but the real goal is to qualify for the playoffs. Why? That's where the $25,000 grand prize will be awarded. We're not worried about Weeks 1-16 in this format, we're worried about Week 1 through the Super Bowl. Every NFL week of games matters in the Head2Head contest. How cool is that? Remember, you can change your entire lineup each week if you wish, so you will never run out of players to play in any given week. You simply need to keep winning each week to keep playing.

How many other tournaments play through the Super Bowl? We at FantasyAlarm are excited by that challenge. Aren't you?


Regular Season Winner: $400 in league prizes. 

* Half the league qualifies for playoffs.

Playoff Winner: $25,000 grand prize to the overall Salary Cap winner. $5,000 goes to the second place winner, $2,000 for third place etc. For all the prizes click on the H2H link.
* Play through the Superbowl. 


One million dollars! I just wanted an excuse to put an Austin Powers video in this post. Sorry about that. It's much less than that, though I do hope you enjoyed watching the video.

The cost is $19.95 to enter. That's it. A rather small price to pay for a chance to win up to $25,000 wouldn't you say? So you put in $19.95 to enter the league. Then it's up to you how much managing you want to do around that. I say that because there is an interesting twist in the Head2Head game. Weekly moves – there is no limit (as mentioned above). You can change one, two, six, ten players each week. That's totally up to you. There's no limit to the moves you can make each week. To make those moves you simply have to purchase trade tokens. Here's how that works. 

Individual trades at $3.00 each 
10 trades for $25.00
20 trades for $40.00
50 trades for $90.00
100 trades for $175.00

You can do whatever you want. You can be a derelict owner all the way to someone who changes their entire roster each week. The choice is yours while there are no constraints to your mad scientist ways. 


So you've read it all and are all in. Great news. Remember, there are only 28 open spots in the FantasyAlarm tournament. So how do you sign up to take on Stacie, Rick, Jeff and Ray. Simple. Click on the banner below and get ready for the challenge of not only taking down the experts but testing your fantasy football knowledge over the course of the entire season (playoffs included). Who can't wait for Week 1. Grab your nachos and guacamole, your beer (or six pack), pull on your jersey, bust out your foam fingers and get your lineups set. Good luck in 2014. 

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