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It's my parents anniversary today, 44 years, so we've canceled Live Advice for August 22nd. OK, you know that's not true. Well my parents are celebrating their anniversary but that's not why we've canceled Live Advice on this day. The reason is much better than that. Much.

What do you think it could be?

We got bored and just didn't want to do it?
We developed a new car that runs not on electricity but water and had to test it out?
We wanted to lay out by the pool and work on our tan? Well...

We're going to the Playboy Mansion.

StarStreet is hosting a one day baseball event at the Playboy Mansion. They will be giving away $200,000 in total with $75,000 being awarded to the winner. 

You know m, and how it's always been a dream of mine to get to the Mansion. So I need time to prep. I need time to mentally focus so that I can bring my best “game.” I need time to decide which suit I will be wearing in the pool – yes it's a pool party. I need time to pack my suitcase since I might meet the lady of my dreams and never come back. 

Live Advice from FantasyAlarm will return next Friday, August 29th. Don't worry, Jeff and I will come back – for you. We'll turn down beautiful bunnies to make sure we're there to help you with your fantasy sports conundrum's. I don't know if that should be applauded or we should be smacked in the face. Time will tell.

Wish us luck this weekend, and see you next Friday, August 29th for the next round of Live Advice. 


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