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This is an example of the type of information you can gain access to if you pick up a copy of the fabulous 2014 Fantasy Alarm Fantasy Football Draft Guide. Click on the link to learn how to gain access to the Guide, the articles, the rankings, all of it so that you can take down your competition. Let's take a look at Kyle Rudolph (Jeff Mans will argue for) versus Jordan Reed(Ray Flowers will argue for).

Kyle Rudolph
By Jeff Mans

If you think that Jordan Reed is a better bet than Kyle Rudolph you may have a couple of screws loose someplace. Jordan Reed has literally done nothing in the league yet. He had two good games last year before succumbing to injuries –  specifically concussions. Reed has been diagnosed with four concussions dating back to his college days at the University of Florida. He is one more concussion away from missing an entire season and possibly ending his career. 

Tight end, being such a physically demanding position, results in the players being hit constantly at the line of scrimmage and downfield. That doesn’t bode well for a kid with the concussion history of Jordan Reed. Beyond just the injuries though Reed is playing in Jay Gruden’s offense this season. This is the same Jay Gruden who used both Jermaine Gresham and Tyler Eifert so much last year. Oh, what’s that you say? Gresham and Eifert didn’t do squat last year? Oh yeah that’s right.

As for Kyle Rudolph he has been in hell up in Minnesota the past few years. Yet, he still has 15 total TDs in his first three seasons and was on his way to a real good year last year before breaking his leg in week eight. He is 6’5” and 265 lbs who can run in the 4.6 area and jump out of the building. There are few LBs or DBs that can matchup up with Kyle Rudolph. This is why the Vikings decided to give him a big contract extension even before the season started. 

Think about the last few TEs that Norv Turner has coached and their production. Jordan Cameron put up ridiculous numbers last year in Turner’s offense. Antonio Gates was one of the best fantasy TEs year in and year out with Turner as his head coach. Turner has been raving about Rudolph already this camp and has promised to make him a focal point of the passing game no matter who is starting at QB. 

Jordan Reed
By Ray Flowers

Apparently I need to have a CT Scan on my noggin' cause I'm arguing for Reed over Rudolph. Maybe it's all the Vodka & Red Bull, or perhaps the long hours staring at spreadsheets that have warped my mind?

I understand that Norv Turner's offense features the tight end, and that TEs have had huge fantasy seasons under his tutelage. So what? The players talent matters. OK, It's fair to think that Rudolph has oodles of it and the only reason his numbers weren't better the last couple of years is because the Vikings had no idea what they were doing. Part of the reason for that was anemic play calling. The other part of it was, well, anemic quarterback play.  Jeff, or anyone else, can you honestly sit here and tell me the Vikings are going to have top-15 QB play this season? The answer is no. Top-20? Maybe? Top-25? Probably. That's a big negative for me.

The issues with Reed's health – no way around that. It's there. Just how it is and I have no defense. Let's not forget though that Rudolph only played in eight games last season. I would also posit that Robert Griffin III will utilize Reed impressively this season. The 'Skins boast about as impressive a group of top-4 skill players as any club in the league: Pierre Garcon, DeSean Jackson, Alfred Morris and Reed. That foursome, if RGIII makes the expected adjustments, will wreak havoc on defenses all year long. I'll take the risk and go with Reed who very likely could fall a round or two later than Rudolph on draft day.

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