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You have a question, we have the answer. Sign up, for FREE, to talk directly to our experts – Ray and Jeff – Friday, July 10th, at 2 PM EDT.

Fantasy Alarm prides itself on being there for you, the fan/follower. We post on Twitter, send you emails, answer your emails and questions and host a myriad of shows on SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio. In our never ending quest to take out coverage/help to the next level we've started a new thing – doing Live Advice on Friday's at 2 PM EDT each week. 

Jeff Mans and Ray Flowers will answer all your questions. 

Which rookie should you add?
Which underperformer picks it up in the second half of the season?
Should you trade Player A for Player B.
Which WR should you take first overall?
Is it smart to draft a quarterback early in fantasy football?
Can you trust the runners in the shared backfield.
Is Ray smarter than Jeff?
Is Jeff the funniest man in fantasy sports? 
Is Kate Upton hotter than Kate Beckinsale?
The answer is clearly a big fat NO by the way. I mean, check out KB...


You ask, we answer. Simple as that. Whatever you want to know Jeff and Ray will do their best to provide something insightful or at least memorable. How do you join the fun? So glad you asked... is offering a live chat July 11th at 2 PM EDT (11 AM PST). 

Here's all you need to do to be a part of the event. 

(1) You need to sign in to your Fantasy Alarm account. You can create an account for Free – don't worry we aren't asking for a donation or anything.

(2) Make sure you are logged in to your account.

(3) Click on the Live Advice link located right here for a transcript of the chat.

Simple as that.

Follow those three steps and you'll be able to ask The Oracle – and Jeff Mans – a question, and get that answer in more than just six words like you get on Twitter. 

Hope to see you there at 2 PM EDT, Friday, July 11th!

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