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It's that time. Actually it will be that time many times this season (what an intelligent sentence Mr. Flowers). That time is the first of every month at which time we will update our 2014 MLB Player Rankings. Nearly 500 players will be listed in the rankings which you will have access to. Tiers will be in there. Mixed, NL and AL rankings will be available. You'll be able to download the whole thing into a spreadsheet as well for easy access because who doesn't like easy access?

All you need to do to gain access is to be part of our Assistant GM package (those of you who are already signed up, nothing changes for you). For those of you who are new to the game, two things for you (those of you that are already part of the team need only pay attention to step two).

(1) Sign up for the Assistant GM Package.

(2) Visit the PLAYER RANKINGS page.

Best of luck to you all. Heck, you don't need luck, you've got the 2014 Player Rankings from Fantasy Alarm to guide you. It's everyone else that will need a heaping helping of luck.


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