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Everyone loves youngsters. I would guess that, literally, a third of the questions I receive daily deal with a minor leaguer, a rookie or a guy in his second season. It's so unbelievably predictable. Every week there's a new “flavor” to talk about. Every single week. Right now the hottest names are two hurlers with the Indians and Blue Jays, but there are two others that people have a great interest in who belong to the Diamondbacks and Twins organizations. Being that I'm a man of the people, here are my thoughts on all four.


Funky delivery and off-putting personality aside, Trevor Bauer has an elite arm. Period. It hasn't always been smooth sailing though as last year in 22 starts at Triple-A he had a 4.15 ERA and 1.58 WHIP thanks to an insanely high 7.16 BB/9 mark. Yeah, he sometimes completely loses the strike zone and has no idea where the ball is going. None. This is a young man who in 55 career minor league starts is the proud owner of a 4.5 BB/9 mark. That's not going to get in done in the big leagues where batters are even more discerning than they are in the minors meaning that some of the punchouts Bauer gets, his K/9 mark is 9.9, could disappear a bit as big league hitters spit on the junk he's tossing up there in two strike counts. At the same time... boy does this kid have an arm.

In four minor league starts this season Bauer is 3-0 with a 1.40 ERA, 0.97 WHIP and 4.00 K/BB ratio. Remember the wildness that I just noted though. His current 4.00 K/BB ratio is literally almost double his career 2.18 mark. Remember we're only talking four starts in the minors this year. 'But Ray, he dominated in his one start in the big leagues this year too.' True enough Bauer did throw six innings allowing two runs (one earned) with six strikeouts. But to repeat, it's been five outings. Do those five outings totally erase the previous 59? I know for some they do. For me, not even close.

The Indians have demoted Carlos Carrasco to the bullpen as the one time high level prospect continues to struggle mightily. To take the rotation spot next week it appears that the Indians will call on either  Bauer or Josh Tomlin. We all hope it's Bauer who has immeasurable upside when compared to the steady Tomlin. What would I do right now?

AL-only: He should have been drafted. If he wasn't, join a new league.
15 team mixed: Add immediately.
12 team mixed: Can add depending on depth of current staff.
10 team mixed: I don't add minor leaguers in 10 team leagues, especially ones with spotty track records.


I wrote about Marcus Stroman Monday in Stroman, HOU & CHC Bullpens.

AL-only: He should have been drafted. If he wasn't, join a new league.
15 team mixed: Add immediately.
12 team mixed: I would highly recommend adding him.
10 team mixed: I don't add minor leaguers in 10 team leagues, but he's still intriguing.


2014 was supposed to be Archie Bradley's coming out party. There was some hope that he would open the year in the Diamondbacks' rotation but it didn't happen (the late signing of Bronson Arroyo pretty much sealed the deal on Bradley starting the year in the minors). Then something strange happened. The D'backs had chances to add Bradley to the rotation, and they kept on passing. When Patrick Corbin went down with Tommy John surgery he was replaced by Josh Collmenter. Then Trevor Cahill was moved to the bullpen and the team went with Mike Bolsinger. Mike Bolsinger? Exactly. The fact is that Bradley blows that duo away talent wise, so why hasn't he been given a shot? Some thoughts, and no, the 'we don't want to call him and and have the pressure be on him to be our savior' crap the team is trying to sell is bunk (at least in my mind).

Coming into 2014 Bradley didn't have one inning pitched above Double-A.

Coming into 2014 he'd thrown a total of 294 professional innings. Back in the day “they” wanted guys to get 500 innings in the minors.

Let's not forget, despite what happened with Bryce Harper last year and George Springer this year, that teams generally leave their youngsters in the minors until June so that they can surpass the Super2 thing and thereby control a player for one more year before free agency begins.

All valid points.

But here's another fact that people need to consider. They aren't. It's like they are totally oblivious to what I'm about to write. I'm completely serious. How many of you know that...

Bradley is 1-4 with a 5.18 ERA and 1.56 WHIP at Triple-A?

Bradley has been awful this season. Awful. There's no way they are going to call him up when he's pitching like this. He's an immense talent but he's just not getting it done right now.

NL-only: He should have been drafted. If he wasn't, join a new league.
15 team mixed: Can add cause he could, could dominate when called up.
12 team mixed: Not interested at the moment.
10 team mixed: No interest.

BREAKING NEWS: Bradley has been placed on the 7 day DL with a flexor strain in his elbow. Uh oh. This could be, note I said could be, a prelude to Tommy John surgery. For now, the team expects him to start throwing again in two weeks and be fine after a little rest.


Alex Meyer stands about 6'8” giving him a huge advantage. Not only does he release the ball a bit closer to home plate than most, but he's able to change the plane of his pitches with great effectiveness getting a great downward angle on his pitches to give him a nice advantage over batters. Most think that Meyer will settle in as a #2 SP in the big leagues, an a potentially dominant when once he harnesses the  mechanics. Certainly looks like he's started down that path right now. Through five starts at Triple-A he has a 2.70 ERA, 1.13 WHIP and 11.81 K/9. He's bee historically good over his last two outings covering 12.2 innings: zero runs, five hits, 22 punchouts (he's also walked six). So he will be up immediately, right? Not according to Mike Berardino of the Pioneer Press who had this to say on Twitter. “Best case: June.

I would agree with that as the most likely outcome, but note how the Twins' rotation is currently pitching (i.e. horribly): Kevin Correia (7.33 ERA), Ricky Nolasco (6.67 ERA), Phil Hughes (5.14 ERA), Mike Pelfrey (7.32) and Kyle Gibson (3.63). Just keep that in mind if Correia or Pelfrey gets lit up again.

AL-only: He should have been drafted. If he wasn't, join a new league.
15 team mixed: Maybe. If he's not up until mid-June, you doing to wait that long?
12 team mixed: Nah.
10 team mixed: No interest

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