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Each Wednesday I'll answer your questions which you can send to me at @BaseballGuys on Twitter. Got a question about a trade? How about whether to add that hot starting guy who is on waivers? Oh, and what do I think about that hot shot rookie who you know I'm going to warn you against? All this and more follows.


– I give Grady Sizemore for Coco Crisp?

So let me get this straight. Two an a half weeks into the season we're questioning whether we should trade a guy who barely has 400 at-bats the past four seasons for a guy who went 20/20 last year? I know Sizemore is hitting .308 with a couple of homers an a steal in the early going, and Crisp is a bit beat up, but there is NO way I wouldn't do this deal. We're not talking one injured or down season with Sizemore we're talking four, five if you look at his 2009 effort that wasn't exactly newsworthy (.248-18-64-73-13). You want Crisp.

Eric Hosmer is irritating me...

Hosmer is batting .273 with no homers and three RBIs through 12 games. That stinks. The good news? He has a 0.80 BB/K rate. His career mark is 0.51. His .347 OBP is only six points lower than last season. His GB/FB ratio, always tilted way too much to the grounders, is 1.69 this season which is much better than the 2.00 mark he's posted the last two years. Slow start? Yes. Show some patience though. He hit .250 with no homers and eight RBIs last April and he finished the year at .302-17-79.

– Trade Yoenis Cespedes for Allen Craig? H2H categories.

On the surface I don't know many that wouldn't say go with Cespedes. A more dynamic talent without question, he's also not hitting .143 on the season like Craig. Two main points. (1) Craig will hit. He always has, always will. A career .300 hitter, he's more a 15-20 homer guy than 20-25, but the average will be there and the man does have 90 RBIs the past two seasons though both were less than 135 games of action. (2) I'd go Cespedes, but it's close. Yoenis hasn't exactly killed it in the early going hitting .236, but he does have three homers and 10 RBIs and that's a big bat he owns. Go with the talent of Cespedes.

 – Billy Hamilton just got dropped. Is he worth a pickup? My worst OF is Will Venable

First off told you so. Second off, I would have never drafted him. Third off, and that's an extremely lame way to keep connecting ideas, Hamilton cannot be on waivers. He's a must add if he's there. So what, he can't hit. We all, well most of us – some of us, knew that would be the case. Still, he could swipe 40-50 bags even if he isn't hitting. I don't love the idea of dropping Venable at all, but if he truly is your worst outfielder, and by that I mean the guy who was last on the totem pole three weeks ago before the season started and not just the worst guy after two weeks of games (example, Jason Kubel is not a better option than Will), then your outfield must be loaded. Therefore, take a shot on Hamilton.


– Just picked up Jesse Chavez off waivers, being offered Matt Garza. Do it? 12 team, H2H keeper league

Chavez has been amazing through three starts with a 1.35 ERA, 0.85 WHIP and 22 Ks with only three walks over 20 innings. No one saw this coming. After six years in the big leagues when he made only two starts, is it possible all those teams were wrong about Chavez? C.J. Wilson went from being an established reliever to a starter with great success, but the truth is that rarely happens. Chavez has never pitched like this at any point in his career. His K/9 rate is two batters up. His walk rate is a quarter of his career mark. His HR/9 ratio is down 50 percent. His WHIP is down 40 percent. Given all of that, and the fact that he's basically been a reliever for nearly the totality of his nine year professional career, I'm gonna say you want Garza. Might look to move Chavez for an even better arm than Garza – someone might think he's a surefire all-star after this start.

Jake Peavy grunts and roars like he's passing a kidney stone on every pitch

You should hear the noises I make when I'm banging out tweets.

– Is it safe to drop Justin Smoak for Adam Dunn? 10 team H2H points deep bench.

Unless that bench is at least 10 players, neither should be rostered in a 10 team league, at least not on a season long bases. Point blank, Smoak stinks. He's been the same craptastic hitter for 4+ years now. A week of good work doesn't change that. Over his last 10 games he hasn't gone deep once while scoring twice, and over his last six games he's failed to drive in a run. Career slash line (.228/.314/.388) compared to his 2014 slash line (.245/.315/.449). Go with Dunn.

– So what are your thoughts on Yangervis Solarte? Surprised he doesn't even make top-10 considerations at third base.

Earlier this week I wrote about the injuries that sent Adrian Beltre and Ryan Zimmerman to the DL in A Third Base Hole. In that piece I suggested nine guys to pick up to help to bide your time until the stars returned to action. Solarte wasn't one of them. Why?

(1) It took Solarte until his ninth professional season to get his first big league at-bat. He turns 27 in July. Is he really that good if it took him that long to make it to the majors?

(2) Through 12 games he hadn't hit a single home run or attempted a single steal. Looking at his minor league numbers that is hardly a surprise. He's averaged 12 homers a season the past two years. Whoopie. He's stolen five or fewer bases each of the last four seasons. Face it, he has no power and no stolen base skills.

(3) Despite batting .357 in the early going it's a total mirage. Solarte has a .336 career OBP in the minors. Heck, his batting average there is .286. In addition, his current BABIP is .417 despite a mere 17 percent line drive rate, and given his talents his 47 percent fly ball rate is at least 10 percent too high. If he keeps doing what he's doing with the batted balls he'll be lucky as hell to hit even .257.

There's simply nothing to see with Solarte other than a hot couple of weeks.

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