Each and every year, this position gets more and more complex. Years ago, the fantasy analysis was just about targets, receptions and touchdowns but as the industry has grown, the analysts who are worth their salt continue to take their work to the next level. After all, the game of football has changed dramatically over time and we are in an era where the NFL is pass-happy. Roles of receivers have grown, route trees have expanded and it’s becoming vastly more important to understand the different jobs each receiver has within the overall position. 

We have a number of players already in mind for our profiles and debates, but this living draft guide is as much yours as it is ours, so if you have a player you want profiled or debated, drop me a note at howard@fantasyalarm.com and I will do my best to accommodate your request.

In the meantime, below is a list of what is coming from the Wide Receiver Section: 

Wide Receiver Rankings

Targeting Slot Receivers

Player Profiles

Calvin Ridley (video)

Michael Pittman (video)

Michael Thomas

A.J. Brown

DeAndre Hopkins

Justin Jefferson (video)

DK Metcalf (video)

Amari Cooper (video)

Brandin Cooks

DeVonta Smith (video)

Tyler Lockett

Tyler Boyd

Stefon Diggs

Curtis Samuel

Cooper Kupp

Kenny Golladay (video)

Davante Adams (video)

Mecole Hardman (video)

Robert Woods (video)

Chase Claypool 


Player Debates