Two big games for running backs who may be one hit wondershighlights this week’s NFL Week That Was.

Raheem Mostert :  Mostert had a monster fantasy day Sunday rushing 19 times for 146 yards and a touchdown.  He also chipped in two grabs for eight yards for a total of 23+ PPR fantasy points.  I seriously considered starting Mostert in the SiriusXM Host Dynasty League playoffs (they start week 13) but then looked at the usage which showed he had not received double digit touches since Week 3.  If you started Mostert this week, good for you.  With the Saints next up, Matt Breida likely returning to action and Tevin Coleman still in the stable, Mostert is not a great bet to repeat this week’s heroics.  Proceed with major caution. 

Peyton Barber :  Tampa Bay went conservative Sunday giving the ball to Peyton Barber to do the scoring.  Barber rushed 17 times for 44 yards, two touchdowns and a two-point conversion in the win.  Ronald Jones on the other hand carried only six times for eight yards.  I also seriously considered Barber in the Dynasty playoffs and once again the usage and success level dissuaded me.  Peyton has gained 50 or more yards from scrimmage exactly once all year.  Once!  While the Bucs schedule is better than the Niners, you have to think Coach Arians and his “no risk it, no biscuit” strategy will revert to chucking the rock downfield down the stretch, leaving Barber to return to his low-level fantasy performances.  Pass. 

Jarvis Landry : Landry seems to have firmly established himself and Baker Mayfield ’s favorite target.  He once again lead the Browns in targets, registering 11 -- exactly how many Odell Beckham and Kareem Hunt had combined!  On the day, Landry finished with a respectable 13.6 fantasy PPR points.  However, life is much more difficult facing the Steelers defense than it will be in the next two weeks when Landry faces off against the Bengals and Cardinals.  Landry is a must start in the fantasy playoffs and will likely be in many of my DFS lineups in the next couple of weeks.  As for Beckham, if you own him you probably have to start him but you cannot feel good about it. 

Aaron Jones : There was a lot of talk earlier this year that Aaron Jones may not be big enough or durable enough to keep up his workload and production.  Well, I do not know if those things are true but Jones now seems firmly set in a time-share with Jamaal Williams .  Sunday, Jones rushed only 11 times for 18 yards (and added four catches for 13 yards).  Williams on the other hand registered 67 yards on his 14 touches, outproducing Jones.  With Chicago and Minnesota in weeks 15 and 16 (the fantasy semi-finals and finals), I would be very nervous about how many touches Jones will get and how effective he will be.  I doubt you have anyone better than Jones to start in the semis or finals, but I would keep looking to see if there are alternatives.  You may need them. 

D.J. Moore : Last week we wrote: “D.J. Moore was a fantasy monster Sunday reeling in six balls for 126 yards and two touchdowns (and added eight yards rushing) for a sweet 30+ fantasy points.  That makes four games in a row of 95 yards or more from scrimmage.  Hard to argue with the kind of production!  With Washington and Atlanta next up on the schedule Moore is going to be on a lot of teams making late playoff runs and in a lot of DFS lineups in the weeks to come.  I buy it!”  Score one for the good guys!  Moore justified our faith in him reeling in six catches Sunday for 75 yards and a touchdown for a sweet 19.5 fantasy points.  With Atlanta next up on the schedule, there is no doubt you have to keep on sending him up!

Final Note:  I know that some of you groan when I lament the state of the Cowboys and some of you are just entertained by it but hey, I feel compelled to say my piece and do.  Kudos to the Buffalo Bills who played smart, inspired football on national TV Thursday.  Let’s not take anything away from them.  That said, it is time someone sat Kellen Moore down and explained a few facts of life:  1) There is no excuse whatsoever for calling two low odds fades and two swing passes on first and goal; 2) When your star running back is averaging six yards per carry behind your great offensive line, there is no excuse whatsoever for abandoning the run and giving that star running back only 12 carries; and 3) being the boy wonder is not as important as being smart, doing the little things, moving the sticks, keeping possession and putting points on the board. Jason Garrett fell into that very same trap when he was a young offensive coordinator and the Cowboys paid the price.  For fantasy owners, I would double down on the Cowboys offense not because I have faith in Kellen Moore calling plays but because even in a dreadful performance, they put up numbers.  Despite a horrific game plan, Dak Prescott had 29 fantasy points, Ezekiel Elliott had 20 and Amari Cooper had 20.  I will take that in fantasy every day of the week.  As a fan, I am nauseous at how the games have been called but that does not matter in fantasy.  [Final note – I am still nauseous but the fan in me (as opposed to the analyst) is quite pleased that the Eagles were even worse than the Cowboys!]