Cavan Biggio :  Cavan Biggio went 3-4 with a run, two RBI and his first MLB dinger on Sunday.  There is a lot of talk about how Cavan is not his father and not the prospect that Vlad, Jr. or Bo Bichette is.  Maybe not but he is still a potential huge FAAB addition if you can snare him.  In AAA this year, Biggio hit .307 with a .455 OBP and more walks than strikeouts.  Add in six dingers and five bags in just 137 AB and you have a guy who should contribute across the board for you.  Let’s face it.  The Blue Jays are going nowhere this year.  So, why not play the Biggio, Bichette, and Vlad infield the entire second half.  I would.  If they do as I would then you have an everyday player on your hands.  I am all in.

Joey Votto : Joey Votto went 2-4 with a run and RBI Sunday. For the three-game series, Votto went 7-13 with four runs and an RBI.  Not too shabby.  We discussed Votto a ton during last Tuesday’s Colton & the Wolfman on SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio.  I was mystified how Votto was cut in the SXM host league and how no one but us bid over $12 out of $1,000 for him on the waiver wire.  I began to think maybe I was wrong and Votto is washed up.  Well, one weekend does not make a year but it is an awfully good start. Also, I think people are making too much of the advanced metrics decline.  Yes, they are not as good as years’ past but he is still making contact 80% of the time and of that contact 36% is hard contact.  Bottom line – Votto may not turn in second round value but his price in trades or on some waiver wires is still way too low.  Pounce.

Oscar Mercado :Oscar Mercado went 2-4 with a run, RBI and dinger Sunday.  Even better news is that he hit second in the order between Lindor and Santana.  Since his call up, Mercado is hitting .296 with an OPS over .900.  Here is a little secret – Mercado is not a speed only guy.  While he is also not a big power guy, he will chip in.  In just 140 plate appearances in AAA, Mercado hit four bombs – a huge improvement over last year when he hit only eight total over 525+ plate appearances.  Bottom line – Mercado has the potential to hit for a decent average, steal a bunch of bags and add a few dingers too.  Buy!

Tyler Duffey Tyler Duffey tossed two scoreless innings of relief Sunday registering all six outs via the strikeout.  On the year, Duffey has been quite effective with 22 strikeouts in just over 13 innings.  The advance metrics support this success.  His fastball velocity has ticked up 0.5 MPH, his swinging strike rate has jumped from 10 to approximately 13% and his groundball rate has skyrocketed from a lowly 34% up to around 47%.  For those who need solid middle relief innings, check out Duffey.

Spencer Turnbull :Spencer Turnbull was the hard luck loser Sunday.  He pitched better than his line of 7 IP, 7H, 4ER, 1BB and 8K (though of course, the 8K/1BB is pretty nice).  On the year, Turnbull has a solid 2.97 ERA.  Coming into Sunday, he sported solid advanced metrics that included a 45% groundball rate, a 12% swinging strike rate and 61% first pitch strike rate.  Pitching in a big park in a weak AL Central, Turnbull can provide value throughout the summer. 

Finally, the moment you have been waiting for (sort of) -- Schultz says: “Whether you want to call them post-hype, late bloomers or simply slackers who decided to dedicate themselves to their craft, Byron Buxton , Lucas Giolito , Dansby Swanson and Franmil Reyes are all 2019 roto-success stories as they are finally paying dividends - both roto and in real life - to those who kept the faith. Schultz wonders though, at point is blind faith become foolhardy and misguided.

Eduardo Rodríguez has tempted roto-owners for the past four years with occasional flashes of brilliance. Sadly, for every start with double digit strikeouts, there's an outing with a double digit ERA or a WHIP that wouldn't even pass for a decent ERA. The excuses have been plentiful: E Rod was tipping his pitches; he was suffering a lingering knee injury, he was bounced between the bullpen and rotation. Unfortunately, excuses aren't a roto-category. This year, everyone was tantalized with stories of Pedro Martinez taking E Rod under his wing and teaching him new pitches. While his strikeouts have been acceptable, he has a putrid 5.43 ERA and a 1.46 WHIP and just got blown off the mound by the Toronto Blue Jays. 

Rodriguez has long been a Schultz favorite as well as one The Overlord's. Rather than pontificate further, I'll yield the floor by posing the question to Mr. Colton "Why in the world should anyone keep believing in Eduardo Rodríguez ?"

ResponseIn Schultz’s defense, he sent his copy before ERod went out and tossed 6 innings of one run ball to beat the Astros.  On the year, ERod’s surface stats are not pretty:  5.04 ERA and a 1.40 WHIP.  However, there is a ton of good news behind those stats.  First, he is striking out more than a batter per inning.  Second, he has been unlucky (66% strand rate and .345 BABIP). Third, the advanced metrics are very good:  13% swinging strike; 44% ground ball and 63% first pitch strike.  Fourth, all the previously listed advanced metrics are improvements over a year ago.  Fifth, the hard hit rate is a very low 27%.  Sixth, the chase rate is up significantly.  You get the point.  ERod is a buy in any format.