Streaming starting pitching, if done correctly, can be an absolute game-changer in fantasy baseball. The saying “there is a time and a place for everything” completely exemplifies this strategy as you have to consider transaction limits, scoring format and league settings before you can decide if this is the path to success in your particular league. We will cover if and when you should consider implementing this strategy as well as the pros and cons and take a look at the implications it could have on you, as well as your team.

To Stream…

Here are some formats and situations that reward streaming starting pitching.

  • Points leagues that have no transaction limits/high number of transaction limits.
  • Points leagues that offer high total of points for wins and quality starts.
  • Categories formats where you are getting destroyed in ERA and WHIP and are chasing wins and strikeouts.
  • You want to punt ERA and WHIP all together.
  • Your league has a high weekly starts...