Below are stacks to consider for Wednesday’s MLB DFS action

The Chalk

Boston Red Sox

The Red Sox lead the main slate with the highest projected run total of the night per Vegas against Toronto with Aarón Sánchez on the mound. Sanchez has the worst K-BB% against left-handed hitters among any starter going this evening.

Boston has a string of lefties in the 5-7 part of their order with Mitch Moreland , Rafael Devers and Brock Holt hitting consecutively. Those three paired together would make for a less chalky stack if that’s what you’re after, even if you included some of the right-handers in front of them. But the chalk part of the lineup is 1-5 which includes Moreland along with platoon-proof right-handers Mookie Betts and J.D. Martínez along with their best lefty, Andrew Benintendi .

Oakland Athletics

The A’s have the second highest implied run total of the slate against Baltimore with Andrew Cashner on the mound. The A’s are getting a positive park shift...