This article is entitled the ‘Guide to Auction Drafting,’ but you’re going to read the phrase ‘snake draft’ more than you might expect in an auction-centric article. That’s because treating an auction draft like a snake draft is a way to infuse some structure into an auction process that is always fluid and often chaotic.

When you participate in a snake draft, there are only two significant variables that can affect how the draft goes. The first is your draft position, and the second, more important factor, concerns positional scarcity.

In years past, running backs were all the craze early, but more recently going Zero RB and drafting wide receivers early has become more popular. We’ve also seen more of a move towards waiting on quarterbacks and tight ends. But other than the positional preferences of your league mates, there aren’t too many variables in play in a snake draft.

When you switch over to an auction format, the positional issue is still in play, but you add in...

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