Welcome to the all-new NFL Running Back Handcuff Grid!

While we already have a handcuff piece in the 2017 NFL Living Draft Guide which offers much more insight for both the immediate and future of the running back position, we understand that you also need quick-reference material to use during your fantasy football draft. This grid should serve exactly that purpose.

Keep in mind, though, that this grid should not be used as a replacement for running back rankings. As you will see, there are still a number of situations in flux and while we may rank a running back higher than someone with whom he shares a backfield, he is not necessarily considered the primary back as of right now. For example, the Bengals have not announced Joe Mixon as their lead back. That job, technically, belongs to Jeremy Hill still. We believe Mixon will eventually take over which is why you see the Bengals so far down this chart right now, but until the time comes when the team makes an official announcement, Hill will be listed as the primary back for them. It’s the same for the Jonathan Stewart/Christian McCaffrey situation.

Don’t think solely about talent level here. In addition to our rankings, this grid also takes into account job security and shared backfield roles. It will be continuously updated throughout training camp and the regular season. We hope you find it to be useful year-round.

***UPDATED: Sept. 5 @ 1:30pm ET***