At Fantasy Alarm, we believe in a heavy dose of research and analysis. But we also know that, when it comes to Draft Day, you want to keep it as simple as possible. You spend enough time shuffling through player rankings, NFL depth charts and a variety of team write-ups that when you’re finally sitting in your war room, ready to draft, you need a one-stop shop to help guide you through those 16 rounds of battle.

Welcome to the Fantasy Alarm Draft Book.

The Draft Book is designed to be the only tool you’ll need in front of you for your draft, whether it’s snake-style or an auction. We have created an advanced tier system which offers both round and projected auction cost for over 230 players to ensure you get the best value at each position throughout your draft.

And best of all, the Draft Book comes FREE with your purchase of either the 2017 Fantasy Alarm NFL Draft Guide or a Fantasy Alarm Playbook Pro subscription.

Stop rifling through page after page trying to find that deep sleeper running back. Research time is over and the less clutter you have in front of you during your live draft, the stronger you will be. No matter what size or style of league you play, the Fantasy Alarm Draft Book is all you’ll need to crush it on Draft Day.

Fantasy Alarm Draft Book Facts:

League Sizes: 10-14 Teams Leagues

Rankings based on ½-point PPR scoring

235 Total Players Ranked

Each Round subdivided into upper and lower tiers for better organization and value monitoring