I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, there’s no better way to prep for your upcoming fantasy baseball draft than a good, old-fashioned mock draft. Check that…pluralize it – mock drafts.

At this point, you’ve been reading articles here in the 2017 MLB Draft Guide for over a month now and your knowledge of both the MLB player pool and fantasy baseball draft strategies has grown. Extensively, we hope. We’ve got Player Rankings and tiers, the 30 Strategies have been educational, Ray Flowers’ award-winning Player Profile series is a constant stream of information and all the articles that he and I, as well as a few other Fantasy Alarm contributing writers, have offered should prove to be extremely helpful as you set up your own strategy and player targets. Now it’s time to take everything you’ve got and implement it.

If you’ve ever taken the SAT test or the LSATs or the MCATs, what’s the best way to prepare? Sure, you study the information, but you also do a series of...

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