Know your league rules. It really is as base and remedial as it sounds. But after nearly two decades of writing about fantasy sports and advising those who seek out my opinion, the fact that most fantasy players don’t even bother to read their league rules continues to baffle me. Seriously – most. It blows me away.

Even those of you who are rolling your eyes and getting ready to click the back button – how many of you have actually read your league rules from start to finish? Not just skimmed them; not just read through the first two sentences of a section and moved onto the next. Read them. Word for word.

It doesn’t matter if it’s the most basic league you and your friends are playing on ESPN or some complex, linear weights league your FanGraphs-loving brother asked you to join, it is imperative for you to read the rules from start to finish and make sure you understand each and every aspect from roster limits and position eligibility to waiver processing and trade...

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