Long ago, in a fantasy baseball league far, far away, the rookies lived among the sleepers, the hidden gems and the late-round fliers. There was always a fresh, new crop on display with the arrival of spring training, but very few fantasy owners were willing to risk their season on some baby-faced greenhorn with no big-league track record. The hardcore players knew who they were, but mainstream fantasy baller had limited interest.

Then came the internet, the explosion of the fantasy sports industry, the expanse of statistical knowledge and Albert Pujols. Yes, Albert Pujols. Despite tearing it up in the minors and advancing from Single to Triple-A over the course of just one season, it wasn’t until spring training 2001 that the young slugger popped up on the mainstream radar. Even then, however, he was still considered to be nothing more than a late-round sleeper.

Well, we all know what happened after that and from that point on, every single fantasy baseball owner became...

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