Happy 4th of July weekend to everyone out there. May it be filled with celebration, happiness, barbecues, fireworks and, of course, baseball. Nothing says Americana like grilling up some burgers and dogs while catching a ball game with friends and family. You World Cup aficionados can put your every-four-year soccer enthusiasm on hold, please.

With the halfway mark of the season having been reached and the All Star break just a week away, it’s time for one of those big State of the Closers addresses where we just hit on every team’s bullpen and clue you in on what’s happening right now and what could/should be happening down the road. We saw a big trade already go down between the Cubs and the A’s this weekend and there will be plenty more coming over the course of the next month. You can bet there will be a number of relievers changing uniforms.

So slap some mustard on that hot dog, spruce it up with a little sauerkraut and get settled in. We’ve got a lot of ground to cover...

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