By now you’re probably flipping through the Fantasy Alarm pages wondering if you missed a Closer Report and if so, where the hell is it? Well, fear not, you haven’t missed a thing. While I was in the process of publishing the last one, I got the blue screen that every computer owner fears and yes, all was lost – the new grid, the old grid, the article, the photos and a world of other stuff that you probably don’t really care about. But while my baby (yes, I call my laptop my baby) is in the shop getting her new hard drive and all the fixin’s that will have her running like new, I refurbished an old desktop that is two steps away from being a Commodore 64 and can once again bring you a new Closer Report. It’s been a long and arduous few days, so I’m just going to shoot from the hip here and discuss a few situations that warrant your attention.

Joe Nathan Gets the Kiss of Death?

We’ve said it before – there’s nothing less reassuring than when your closer gives up 10 runs over...

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