As Matthew Beck has properly taught you so far, knowledge of ADP is paramount when it comes to being successful in your snake drafts. You see where players tend to come off the board and you learn when it’s either too early to grab someone or when they have fallen far enough in your draft that you couldn’t possibly pass them up strictly from a value standpoint. Well, we’re going to take it a step further here and take a look at some of the ADP trends we’ve seen develop over the last month so you have a better read on the market fluctuation.

Drafting closers can always be a tricky proposition. Your first order of business is to survey you league and determine exactly who values closers and who doesn’t. Those who value them will likely make an early move on the elites while those who don’t tend to wait until the inevitable closer-run hits and then make more of a reactionary move. With that information, you can figure out when it’s best for you to strike.

Some people will...

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