CS:GO DFS Playbook: ESL Pro League Season 13– 3.15.2021 (3-Match)

NiP (Ranked 12th in World) @ FaZe (Ranked 17th in World)

Betting Odds: FaZe -165/NiP +125

Map Odds: 2.5 Over -120/Under -115

*This is a best of three match for Group B in the ESL Pro League Season 13 Event.

*NiP hung on to out-last ENCE in a 2-1 affair after winning ENCE’s map choice of Nuke 16-2 on the first map played, but then lost their own map of Mirage 16-5, lastly, NiP took care of business on Inferno with a 16-7 result for the win. FaZe swept Mousesports after an opening match loss to Vitality and both of these teams now sit at 1-1 for the Event.

*NiP For Event (5 Maps): REZ 1.33 Rating, nawwk 1.18, hampus 1.12, Plopski 1.07, ztr 0.76.