CS:GO DFS Playbook BLAST Premiere 2020 Showdown 11.25.2020 (3-Match)

Mousesports (Ranked 18th in World @ GODSENT (Ranked 23rd in World):

Betting Odds: Mouse -325/GODSENT +230

Map Odds: 2.5 Over +115/Under -150

*This is a Round of 16 opening best of three match for Event.

*Both of these teams are off losses; however, Mouse has dropped four of their last five matches played. Of course, this was to G2, Astralis, OG, and Vitality. GODSENT were losers in their most recent match to Espada in an 0-2 result but had reeled off four prior wins in a row before the loss. It did feature some high-profile teams as well in those wins over G2 and Heroic. (*Note: GODSENT benched kRYSTAL and are now playing with emi, who has played less than 5 matches with the core so far)

*Statistics for Mouse Over the Last Month of Play (9 Maps): ropz 1.17 Rating, frozen 1.10 Rating, chrisJ 0.97 Rating, Bymas 0.90 Rating, Karrigan 0.86 Rating.

*Statistics for GODSENT Over the Last Month of Play (6 Maps): zehN 1.35 Rating, Farlig 1.23 Rating, STYKO 1.19 Rating, Maden 1.06 Rating.

*These two teams have played two matches recently in this calendar year, with GODSENT sweeping both matches 2-0. All the matches were super close, seeing the losing team (Mouse) winning double-digit rounds in all four maps played.

*For Mouse vs GODSENT (4 Maps): ropz +6 K-D Diff 1.08 Rating. (only positive player)

*For GODSENT vs Mouse (4 Maps): zehN +40 K-D Diff, 1.54 Rating, 103.7 ADR. Maden +8 K-D Diff, STYKO +6 K-D Diff.


*The first two ban maps for this match should include Mirage and Overpass. Both teams have taken a liking to Nuke lately, choosing it over 50% of the time, so we can pencil that one in. I think the other map to be played will likely be Dust2.

*Mouse on Dust2 (12 Maps): ropz 1.11 Rating, 0.75 KPR, 1.08 IMP, 79.5 ADR. Frozen 1.03 Rating, Bymas 0.93 Rating, Karrigan 0.80 KPR, chrisJ 0.79 Rating. On Nuke (17 Maps): ropz 1.24 Rating, 0.84 KPR, 1.27 IMP, 90.1 ADR. Frozen 1.07 Rating, chrisJ 0.99 Rating, Bymas 0.96 Rating, Karrigan 0.93 Rating.

*GODSENT on Nuke (19 Maps): zehN 1.17 Rating, 0.78 KPR, 1.17 IMP, 83.2 ADR. STYKO 1.15 Rating, Farlig 1.14 Rating, Maden 1.06 Rating. On Dust2 (3 Maps): zehN 1.12 Rating, 0.70 KPR, 1.48 IMP, 77.0 ADR. Maden 0.97 Rating, STYKO 0.85 Rating, Farlig 0.78 Rating.


NiP (Ranked 11th in World) @ Cloud9 (Ranked 152nd in World):

Betting Odds: NiP -245/Cloud9 +180

Map Odds: 2.5 Over +110/Under -145

*This is a Round 16 opening best of three match for Event

*Cloud9 continues to build chemistry with the newly built squad that only has floppy as a remaining member from the original core. They have been win-less since their debut and will be looking for their first win here in this match. NiP have lost their last two matches, and three of their last five. They were highly competitive though, winning at least one map in both losses to BIG and Heroic.

*Statistics for NiP Over the Last Month of Play (19 Maps): REZ 1.06 Rating, hampus 1.02 Rating, nawwk 1.01 Rating, Plopski 0.94 Rating, twist 0.91 Rating.

*Statistics for Cloud9 Over the Last Month of Play (4 Maps): woxic 1.07 Rating, es3tag 0.93 Rating, mezii 0.93 Rating, ALEX 0.84 Rating, floppy 0.79 Rating.

*These two teams have no recent head-to-head matches played and it wouldn’t matter as C9 is a whole new team structure.


*The first two ban maps for this match should include Mirage and Dust2. Both teams are choosing Overpass over 30% of the time lately, and the next most chosen map is Vertigo or Train. I believe the maps we see for this one is Overpass and Train in my opinion.

*NiP on Train (11 Maps): nawwk 1.06 Rating, 0.72 KPR, 1.02 IMP, 67.3 ADR. REZ 1.04 Rating, hampus 1.03 Rating, twist 0.90 Rating, Plopski 0.90 Rating. On Overpass (9 Maps): REZ 1.17 Rating, 0.75 KPR, 1.22 IMP, 82.1 ADR. Plopski 1.10 Rating, Nawwk 1.08 Rating, hampus 1.02 Rating, twist 0.97 Rating.

Cloud9 on Overpass (3 Maps): woxic 1.26 Rating, 0.73 KPR, 1.38 IMP, 77.4 ADR (1 Map sample). Es3tag 1,11 Rating, mezii 0.96 Rating, floppy 0.95 Rating, ALEX 0.87 Rating. *No map data for Train.


FaZe (Ranked 9th in World) @ MIBR (Ranked 29th in World):

Betting Odds: FaZe -150/MiBR +115

Map Odds: 2.5 Over -105/Under -125

*This is Round of 16 opening best of three match for Event.

*Both of these teams come into this one in similar form, as both were losers in their most recent matches, but had both won two-straight prior to the loss. FaZe lost in an 0-2 sweep at the hands of their former teammate and his new team in G2, while MIBR took BIG the full distance in a 1-2 loss, as well.

*Statistics for FaZe Over the Last Month of Play (12 Maps): broky 1.14 Rating, coldzera 1.07 Rating, Kjaerbye 1.01 Rating, rain 0.99 Rating, olofmeister 0.83 Rating.

*Statistics for MIBR Over the Last Month of Play (20 Maps): vsm 1.10 Rating, kNgv- 1.09 Rating, trk 1.07 Rating, leo_drk 0.94 Rating, LUCAS1 0.92 Rating.

*There have been no previous head-to-head matches between these two teams recently.


*The first two ban maps for this match should include Nuke and Vertigo. The first two maps typically chosen for these two teams lately is Mirage for FaZe and Nuke for MIBR.

*FaZe on Mirage (14 Maps): broky 1.12 Rating, 0.72 KPR, 1.05 IMP, 74.2 ADR. Kjaerbye 1.07 Rating, coldzera 0.99 Rating, rain 0.98 Rating, olofmeister 0.82 Rating. On Nuke (14 Maps): broky 1.08 Rating, 0.73 KPR, 0.96 IMP, 77.0 ADR. Coldzera 0.98 Rating, Kjaerbye 0.97 Rating, rain 0.87 Rating, olofmeister 0.71 Rating.

*MIBR on Nuke (8 Maps): trk 1.20 Rating, 0.74 KPR, 1.05 IMP, 77.1 ADR. Vsm 1.14 Rating, kNgV- 1.09 Rating, LUCAS1 1.06 Rating, leo_drk 1.04 Rating. On Mirage (6 Maps): trk 1.08 Rating, 0.69 KPR, 0.94 IMP, 74.9 ADR. kNgV- 1.06 Rating, leo_drk 1.00 Rating,  vsm 0.91 Rating, LUCAS1 0.66 Rating.



*TOP PLAYS: nawwk, REZ, broky, zehN, Farlig, coldzera, ropz, vsm, trk

*TOP CONTRARIAN STACKS: GODSENT (all are in play), MIBR (stick to trk/vsm/kngv-…leo is a value punt if playing)