CS:GO 4-Match Slate DreamHack 10.17.2020



  • OG (-116) vs Fnatic (-111)
    • 2.5 Maps Over (-112)/Under (-118)
  • Heroic (-245) vs G2 (+180)
    • 2.5 Maps Over (-102)/Under (-130)
  • NiP (-170) vs Sprout (+131)
    • 2.5 Maps Over (-108)/Under (-120)
  • FaZe (-220) vs GODSENT (+165)
    • 2.5 Maps Over (-102)/Under (-130)


OG vs Fnatic:

*These two teams have played four times lately, with OG winning three of the four, but fnatic won the last match 2-1.

*Three of the four matches played went three-maps.

*OG in a little bit of a revenge narrative here after losing recently to fnatic.

*Both teams have won three of their last five matches played. OG on a one-game win streak, fnatic on a one-game skid.

* For DreamHack Event, for OG top players are as followed – ISSAA 1.29 Rating, mantuu 1.20 Rating, valde 1.19 Rating, aleksib 1.13 Rating, NBK- 0.84.

*For DreamHack Event for fnatic, flusha 1.10 Rating, KRIMZ 1.10 Rating, Brollan 1.08 Rating, JW 0.99 Rating, Golden 0.92 Rating

* Best Head-to-Head numbers vs each other last 6 maps:

               -OG: ISSAA +29 K-D diff, 1.33 K-D, 1.15 Rating, mantuu +14 K-D Diff, 1.15 K-D, 1.10 Rating, valde +7 K-D diff, 1.07 K-D, 1.10 Rating.

               -Fnatic: KRIMZ +14 K-D diff, 1.14 K-D, 1.14 Rating – Only player with positive stat line for sample


*Can likely bank on a combo of Train, Inferno, Mirage. The last three matches have seen Train and Mirage, and the decider for two of the three was Inferno.

*OG typically going Mirage (10 maps L3 months) – Mantuu 1.14 Rating, 0.75 KPR, 1.10 IMP, 72.4 ADR. Valde 1.12, Aleksib 1.11, ISSAA 1.10, NBK- 1.03

*Fnatic typically going Train (seven maps L3 months) – KRIMZ 1.33 Rating, 0.86 KPR, 0.61 DPR, 1.37 IMP, 95.2 ADR. Brollan 1.06, flusha 1.01, JW 0.87, Golden 0.86.

*Top players for decider Inferno – Brollan 1.17 Rating, 0.77 KPR, 1.22 IMP, 77.1 ADR. KRIMZ 1.16. For OG: valde 1.20 Rating, 0.72 KPR, 1.27 IMP, 81.4 ADR. ISSAA 1.15 Rating, NBK- 1.13 Rating, mantuu 1.09 Rating




Heroic vs G2

*Both teams come into this one on some sort of skid, as both have lost four of their last five matches. Heroic got back to winning ways with a 2-0 sweep over EndPoint in their most recent match, and G2 was a loser to Astralis 1-2 in their most recent.

*These two teams have played four times recently, with Heroic winning two of their most recent, and G2 winning the two before.


*Interestingly enough, this is a revenge spot for G2, as well as a bounce-back spot. Heroic is no slouch though, and G2 will have to play extremely well to beat them

*For Event so far – G2: kennyS 1.21 Rating, huNter- 1.18, nexa 1.14, AmaNEk 0.96, JaCkz 0.74. For Heroic: cadiaN 1.32!!, stavn 1.17, TeSeS 1.09, niko 1.08, b0RUP 0.86

*These two have played NINE maps over last three months, here are top players: HEROIC: niko +36 K-D diff, 1.22 K-D, 1.17 Rating, stavn +20 K-D diff, 1.12 K-D, 1.15 Rating. For G2: nexa +25 K-D diff, 1.14 K-D, 1.12 Rating. huNter- +1 K-D diff, 1.01 K-D, 1.04 Rating.


*This one could get tricky depending on who gets the first ban. One thing is certain, Vertigo has shown up all four prior matches. Mirage has shown up in three of the four, and Nuke has also shown up in three of the four.

*Worth mentioning that Heroic threw G2 a curveball in their most recent match going with Train over their usual pick of Nuke. They won Train 16-7 over G2 as well. I could easily see Heroic doing this again, as Train has not been that great to G2 as they have only won 20% of their last five attempts there.

*Heroic on Train (nine maps) : cadiaN 1.20 Rating, 0.73 KPR, 0.56 DPR, 1.18 IMP, 74.1 ADR. Stavn 1.18, TESES 1.15, niko 1.13, b0RUP 1.01.

*G2 on Vertigo (10 Maps): huNter- 1.15 Rating, 0.78 KPR, 1.30 IMP, 84.2 ADR. JaCkz 1.12, AmaNEk 1.08, nexa 1.08, kennyS 1.02




*FaZe has won four of their last five coming into this one, while GOD has won only two of their last five matches total. GODSENT fought a tough one yesterday against BIG and brought it to three maps, falling short 1-2. FaZe beat sAw, but it took them three maps as well in a 2-1 result.

*These two teams have played twice lately, with FaZe sweeping the latter, and the most recent a 2-1 victory for them that went full three maps.

*Most recent match (three maps) – top players for FaZe – Coldzera 71-45, 1.36 Rating, 86.0 ADR. NiKo 64-51, 1.29 Rating, 90.7 ADR, broky 56-40, 1.17 Rating, 73.0 ADR. Top players for GOD – Farlig 52-51, 1.00 Rating, 67.5 ADR.

*COLDZERA has led FaZe in both matches. Broky has been top 1-3 player in both as well. It has been Coldzera, broky, NiKo ranked 1-3 for both last two matches.


*FaZe typical pick of Mirage will be banned. Nuke will be GODSENT’s pick, and FaZe likely goes with Dust2.

Top Numbers on Nuke for GODSENT (13 maps) - zehN 1.23 Rating, 0.81 KPR, 1.29 IMP, 86.3 ADR. STYKO 1.18, Farlig, 1.14, Maden 1.06, kRYSTAL 0.87

Top numbers on Dust2 for FaZe (8 maps) – NiKo 1.25 Rating, 0.80 KPR, 1.35 IMP, 88.2 ADR. Broky 1.10, rain 1.01, Cold 0.93, Kjaerbye 0.91.


NiP vs Sprout:

*NiP was on a huge skid getting swept in four of their last five matches before reeling off a 2-0 sweep against ENCE in their most recent match. Sprout had won four of their last five until meeting with North yesterday in a 1-2 loss.

*NiP did just get Nawwk back on their team after he was gone for medical reasons, so that’s a huge boost to their team and team morale I would imagine as he is one of their original core.

*These two teams have played only once in 2020, with Sprout sweeping them 2-0.

*Nawwk led NiP in that match with 46-39, 1.14 Rating, 74.1 ADR. Only positive player. For Sprout, dycha led with 52-36, 1.32 Rating, 91.7 ADR. Snatchie next at 46-36, 1.27 Rating, 79.8 ADR. After both Spidi (+5) and faveN (+4) were also both positive.

*dycha (1.17 Rating) and Snatchie (1.11) are top two so far for event

*Nawwk (1.25 Rating) REZ (1.11 Rating) twist (1.03) lead for NiP in Event.


*Sprout likely goes with Mirage, and NiP goes will have to go with a secondary pick as Overpass will be banned. I think they likely go Train.

Sprout on Mirage (16 Mpas) – faveN leads with a 1.16 Rating, 0.78 KPR, 1.14 IMP, 79.1 ADR. Dycha 1.13, snatchie 1.02

NiP on Train (seven maps) – hampus is tops here for the sample with 1.06 Rating, 0.71 KPR, 1.22 IMP, 78 ADR. REZ 1.06 (0.67 KPR) , nawwk 1.05, twist 1.03, Plop 1.00.


FAVORITE STACKS: OG,  Heroic, GODSENT, Sprout (Think the last two are contrarian)

FAVORITE CAPTS: niko (Heroic), cadiaN, zehN/Farlig, dycha, mantuu, ISSAA, snatchie

FAVORITE FLEX: valde, TeSeS, STYKO, faveN, Aleksib, Maden