Welcome back to another edition of the Playbook brought to you by the good guys over at Fantasy Alarm! We have another four-match slate in the IEM New York 2020 Event for Wednesday, so let’s see who we like!


CAPTAIN’S CORNER: (FOUR CPT picks – 2 Top, 2 Value) –


1.) S1mple ($15,900) –

We were off of most of NaVi for yesterday’s slate and to put it pretty blatant, they didn’t really pay off either after going into a three-map affair against Cyber Legacy. However, I don’t put K23 on the same wave length with Cyber, and to be quite honest, I just don’t think they are really that good of a team. S1mple is literally the top-rated player in the server, and although he has a huge price-tag once again, it actually decreased by $400 for this slate. S1mple has topped 70 DK fantasy points in nine of his last ten matches, with six of those ten going for 90 or more as well. You literally just don’t get that kind of consistent production from any other player on the server at the moment. I would say in Cash, this should be you first starting point, but in GPPs (tournaments) you can look to play some value captains we will discuss later.

2.) Sh1ro ($14,100) –

Sh1ro is an absolute beast in the lower-tier streets and he has slate-breaking potential on any given day to be flat out honest. He is literally S1mple-Lite if you want to somewhat throw a small comparison on him. These two squads (Spirit) have played four times so far in 2020 most recently, and Sh1ro led the server on three of the four for Gambit Youngsters, including a 71 kill, 44 death, 23 assist, with a 1.29 Rating and 82.9 ADR performance in their most recent three-map banger. Sh1ro has topped 64 DK fantasy points in nine of his last ten, with five of those ten reaching at LEAST 81 fantast points. That’s some huge numbers, and albeit it was against some lower-tier competition, he has shown he can do it against this Spirit team. He is another pricey CPT option, but he presents a top-three upside on the slate.



1.) Speed4K ($12,600) –

Nemiga is a -170 favorite in this match up against the HellRaisers. It is also worth noting that Nemiga has beaten HRs in all three of their prior three matches so far in 2020, with two of those being sweeps in the best of three format. HRs have only been able to win 13 rounds on two of the five maps played, with the rest being 9 or lower. Speed4K topped the server for Nemiga in one of the two best of three matches with a 51 Kill, 31 Death, seven Assists, and a +7 First Kill ratio as well. He sits with a +29 K-D diff, 1.31 K-D, and 1.26 Rating against the HRs in six maps played in 2020, which is tops on the team. He has topped 62 or more DK fantasy points in his last five of seven matches played overall.


2.) Patsi ($10,500) –

Hoping to ride the coat-tails of the flaming Patsi after he went for 79 Kills, 18 Assists, 48 Deaths, seven First Kills, one 4K Kill Round, and TWO 5K Kill Rounds against forZe on Tuesday. This line was good for 110.5 DK fantasy points on the outing, and he was likely the top scorer to boot. Patsi hasn’t played but six matches with Espada, but over those six matches he has averaged 71.3 DK fantasy points, 11.0 Assists, and 7.5 First Kills. He has also turned in two 4K Kill Rounds, and two 5K Kills Rounds, along with a 1v2 clutch to boot. He was basically the driving force behind Espada’s 2-0 sweep of a pretty good forZe team, and I think there is quite a bit of value here on him at his price for a CPT slot in this one. This is also a bit of a contrarian captain play as well, as Espada is a +185 doggie in this match, if you are into that sort of thing.

FLEX OPTIONS: (FOUR flex option picks – 2 Top, 2 Value)


1.) electronic ($9,800) –

There is no way around it, it is the S1mple and electronic show for NaVi and these guys are one of the legit best 1-2 punches in CS:GO at the moment. These two are in a cupcake match against K23, and they about got embarrassed on Tuesday after getting routed on the first map against Cyber Legacy 16-6. I highly expect NaVi to win this match easily, and I highly except both S1mple and Electronic to be at the tops of the charts for this match. Electronic has put up 60, 116.5, 106.5, and 69 DK fantasy points in his last four straight. He has been a clutch machine, recording two 1v2s and a 1v3 in his last three matches, while also recording FOUR 4K Kill Rounds in his last four matches as well. If you are playing S1mple, you might as well find a way to fit electronic with him as a 2-man pairing.

2.) mds ($7,200) –

As mentioned earlier, you want to correlate the two highest, or top players for the team you are liking in lineup constructing, simply because correlation is such a great thing to have between stacks. Nemiga is a team I look to stack tomorrow against the HellRaisers and I want some of mds. Mds sits with the second-best numbers in the six-map sample mentioned above with Speed4K. Mds sits with a +22 K-D Diff, 1.23 K-D, and 1.24 Rating for that sample. He was the other leading scorer in the other best of three match between these two alongside Speed4K. Also, worth mentioned that his numbers against HR as his second-best numbers against anyone so far in 2020. Feel he could bring a bit of contrarian look to your lineup where everyone will be looking to fit lollipop21K and Jyo with Speed4K, who are both priced higher than mds for this slate.



1.) nafany ($6,200) –

Going stacking with the Youngsters and if you are playing Sh1ro, you need a correlation stack. I like nafany for his price in this one. Nafany has topped 68 DK fantasy points in his last eight of ten matches. He has recorded 16 or more Assists as well in his last five of six, averaging roughly 6 First Kills over his last five, while also recording four 4K Kill Rounds in his last five as well. The Assist numbers alone should make you want to play nafany with Sh1ro but seeing as how he has been one of their top performers over their last ten or so matches, along with several 4K Kill Rounds, this is an easy play in correlation for Gambit Youngsters stacking.

2.) Dima ($5,400) –

Sticking with another piece of the doggie in Espada here with Dima. Dima put up 60 DK fantasy points in Espada’s 2-0 win over forZe on Tuesday and has now notched out at least 55 DK fantasy points or more in his last four matches straight. For that four-game period, he has averaged roughly 65 DK fantasy points, 14 Assists, and 6 First Kills. Not to mention two 1v2 clutches, one 4K Kill Round, and one 5K Kill Round as well. I was on Espada yesterday against forZe, and I will be on them once again in this one against Virtus Pro, as I think they have a legit chance at winning.