What is UP, Family!! For those that do not know me yet from live chatting in the NFL season-long user chat at Fantasy Alarm, or interacting on the Twitter.com, my name is Sean Mitchell and this will be my first NBA piece for Fantasy Alarm! I am super pumped about joining the FANation, and cannot wait to line those pockets of the FA members during this upcoming NBA season with both Jon Impemba and James Grande!

This first article I will be featuring TEN players for the upcoming season that I could see being a sleeper pick. Now, these 10 players are in no standard order (i.e. it isn’t #1 being my strongest sleeper pick and #10 being the weakest or anything like that). However, just ten that I feel fit the mold. So, what is that mold, you ask?

Factors I look for in a sleeper:

1.) High draft picks that fall right into roles due to line-up changes, players in front being traded, etc.

2.) Secondary players that possessed a bench role last season, but due to circumstances are...