CS:GO DFS Playbook: Sweet Spring Sweet 1 – 5.5.2021 (2-Match)

EPG Family (Ranked 21st in World) @ fnatic (Ranked 26th in World)

Betting Odds: EPG Family -200/fnatic +150

Map Odds: 2.5 Over +115/Under -150

*This is a best of three semi-finals match for the Sweet Spring Sweet 1 Event.

**NOTE – Check if El1an is playing tomorrow over Deko. That would easily impact a team in DFS is a player not even in the pool (and their literal best player) does happen to play over the guy who is in the pool!!

*EPG For Event: deko 1.31 Rating, Krad 1.30, Forester 1.29, Lack1 1.24, NickelBack 1.16.

*EPG For the Last Month of Play (52 Maps): Deko (21 Maps): 1.37 Rating, Forester 1.15, Lack1 1.14, NickelBack 1.07.  

*fnatic For Event:...