CS:GO DFS Playbook: ESL Pro League Season 13 – 3.29.2021 (3-Match)

Astralis (Ranked 2nd in World) @ fnatic (Ranked 17th in World)

Betting Odds: Astralis -385/fnatic +270

Map Odds: 2.5 Over +130/Under -170

*This is a best of three match for Group D in the ESL Pro League Season 13 Event.

*This is the final day of matches for Group D and more so there are teams playing for seeding, including Astralis locking up the #1 seed with a win over fnatic today. Liquid and V.Pro will be playing for the 2nd and 3rd seed (and are locked into the Playoffs either way), but if Astralis wins, they likely won’t be as primed to win as it won’t matter for 2 and 3-seeds.

*fnatic have only won one match so far in League play and that was a...