FanDuel has gotten into the business of Fantasy Survivor. With no real sports going, we still have to play fantasy somehow, and why not with CBS very popular reality show. If you haven’t been paying attention so far, this should help you pick a solid roster of five to make you a winner tonight! Below are the current tribes

Yara – Adam, Ben, Sophie, Sarah

Sele – Michele, Nick, Parvati, Wendell, Yul

Dakal – Tony, Sandra, Denise, Jeremy, Kim

On Edge of Extinction – Natalie, Amber, Danni, Ethan, Tyson, Rob

Right now it appears that Sele is best in line to win reward and immunity challenges with Wendell, Parvati, Yul, and Michele as fairly strong challenge contestants. Nick isn’t awful, but he isn’t very strong. Yara lost Boston Rob last week, but Sarah and Ben are really strong in challenges. Dakal has Sandra who is a real hindrance in every challenge. She might be able to sit out in the short term as the tribes are uneven this week. Tony, Kim, and Jeremy are fairly strong, while Denise is not a challenge positive if they are physical in nature. With three tribes, the immunity challenge is likely to be one where only the team that comes in last has to go to Tribal Council, so you really want to stack on tribes where you think they will win reward/immunity challenges. Adam and Ben on Yara were also on the original Sele tribe, which has lost the majority of challenges before the change from two tribes to three.

Let’s take a look at some of the point system that could be in play tonight. You get 10.88 points if your castaway is bequeathed a fire token. This means you need a player who survives Tribal Council and is friends with someone who is voted out. 3.75 points for crying on camera. 3.75 points for catching fish for your tribe. 7.5 for finding an advantage or an immunity idol. 15 for playing a hidden immunity idol. You lose points for 2.25 for getting a vote at Tribal, and 15 points for getting voted out. Here are some Castaways that you should build your lineup with:

Yul ($26) – This guy is everyone’s friend and there is almost no way that he could make anyone bad. He is incredibly intelligent, thinks every move out, and he is a strong challenge competitor. Even if he goes to Tribal Council it is very unlikely that he gets voted out because I believe that Wendell or Parvati are viewed as bigger threats than he is. In fact, Parvati has already been a target several times before. Not to mention that Yul has the advantage of the numbers on his tribe as he, Denise and Jeremy came from the former Sele, while Kim and Sandra are the two that were on Dakal from the start.

Tony ($24) – He is one of the biggest lightning rods in the history of the show, but so far Tony has been on his best behavior. He hasn’t been searching for idols, he hasn’t been making people mad, he has just been playing the good soldier. Tony is a strong challenge participant when it comes to physical play, not puzzles or mental challenges. He also has the numbers on his tribe and is unlikely to be in trouble tonight.

Wendell ($23) – There are a lot of the same reasons to pick Wendell. They are the strongest tribe, and like Yul he is in the majority in his tribe. Wendell is a challenge beast and has a really good chance of avoiding tribal council tonight.

Sarah ($20) – Officer Sarah is a really great player. She is great in challenges, everyone likes her, and she has a steal a vote advantage in her pocket. So, not only are do you feel really good about her in challenges, if she does happen to lose it is almost a sure thing that she plays an advantage, which will score you points. In her tribe it is her and Sophie that came from one tribe, and Adam and Ben who came from Sele. If they have to go to Tribal Council it appears to be a 2-2 split, which her steal a vote would cancel out and whoever she wants would go home. She is also popular in her tribe and the person voted out COULD bequeath her a fire token.

Parvati ($18) – She is one of the legends of Survivor history, and she has been slipping out of trouble all season. Parvati is great in challenges, and she has the respect of every player on the island. PLUS, if either Rob or Amber find an advantage on the Edge of Extinction it is nearly a guarantee that they will try to sell it to her to try to keep her in the game. She is one of the best of all time and seems like she will always find a way to survive, even if she is on the wrong side of the numbers on her tribe.

Kim ($16) – Kim is a very strong challenge player and certainly has a good chance of being on the winning team in reward or immunity challenges. She is also in the majority on her tribe as her, Sandra, and Tony were all on the former Dakal while Denise and Jeremy were from the former Sele. An even better reason to choose Kim is that she has an immunity idol in her back pocket that she can play if she feels like she is in trouble.

Ben ($16) – He isn’t in good shape as far as his tribe is concerned, but Ben is probably the strongest challenge competitor left and he is AWESOME at finding immunity idols. He isn’t the most strategic player in the world, but Ben could help you rack up the points in tonight’s episode.

Adam ($10) – He isn’t a strong physical player, but Adam is an incredibly smart player and always found away in his Millennials vs. Gen X season. He has angered his tribe a couple of times, but so far he has been able to weasel out of it. He could be brought to challenge victories by the strong players on his tribe and Adam is FAMOUS for crying in episodes which is positive points here! He also could get bequeathed the fire token at the end of the episode. He is a nice, cheaper option to help you pay up for a couple studs.   

Example Lineup