Welcome to the weekly wide receiver/cornerback breakdown! We will review each of the outside matchups, as well as my ten favorite matchups in the slot. Then, below the charts in this article, I break down my four absolute favorite matchups. In Week 12 there will be some players that I am typically not a fan of, but I have to be objective when it really seems they are in line for good games. This article is critical for seasonal and daily players, as this will help you gain a competitive advantage when setting your lineups. We are near the end of bye week season, so you are getting close to being able to use your full roster every week again!

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Now, here are my ten favorite matchups in the slot in Week 12!


Julio Jones vs. Carlton Davis

I’ve been a #NeverJulio guy for a number of years, as he is always ranked among the top three or four receivers, and yet never tops double digit touchdowns. He had a wild...