An excellent stat to examine when dealing with a sample of reduced size is Strikeout-to-walk Ratio (K/BB). It can indicate success simply, yet effectively. Strikeouts are the best outcome for a pitcher. Walks are the opposite. The K/BB ratio reveals who’s getting it done with effective pitching. The guy with the best strikeout stuff can walk some batters as long as they balance it out with Ks. Occasional control specialists can be on this leaderboard but need to keep walks to the bare minimum. 

Below are the top 20 in K/BB along with the raw K/9 and BB/9 rates.

  • The rookie you needed to land was Sixto Sánchez . He’s been a revelation for Miami. High heat, nasty movement, and an advanced feel for it all results in his top 3 appearance here. There’s no reason not to expect that success to continue.

  • Taylor Rogers has perhaps been a bit unlucky. The command that turned him into such a good high leverage pitcher is still there. Comparing his 3.77 ERA to a...