It’s never a bad time to take the temperature on who’s hitting the ball hardest in MLB. Since we’re dealing with smaller samples than we’re used to for season-long metrics it’s a particularly excellent time to do so. We’re also seeing plenty of hitters shrug off early slumps after an unorthodox training camp, to say the least. Exit velocity is one of our favorite metrics to look under the hood and see who’s making the best contact.

Here is the leaderboard for average exit velocity the last ten days with at least 50 pitches faced.

  • José Abreu is the hottest hitter in baseball. His home run pace is bordering on historic. What a shame it’s in a shortened season and we won’t know what could have been over 162. At least we can enjoy the ride.

  • If it weren’t for his elder countryman above, Luis Robert would be garnering ever more attention. He smashes baseballs and swipes bags aggressively. Pitchers will challenge him with offspeed offerings and strikeouts have...