In these final weeks of the 2019 fantasy baseball season, we’re squeezing all the juice we can from our lineups in every counting category. One category that tends to be the most tightly clustered is stolen bases. Below are the worst pitching batteries at preventing steals. Get yourself a couple rabbits and target teams like the Mets to ring out another standings point or two.

Here are the 25 worst catchers in SBs yielded along with caught stealing stats.

  • The Mets could care less about giving up steals. The irony is that Wilson Ramos is a decent catcher defensively. Between team attitude and pitcher approach, he’s hung out to dry most days.

  • Omar Narváez of Seattle and Jeff Mathis of Texas are the next biggest targets on the list. Teams attack them without much to fear from their arms.

  • Josh Phegley is a good catcher to target when you can catch him starting. It’s a crowded catcher’s room in Oakland right now.

  • JT Realmuto is a boss at...