A couple of weeks ago we examined the best performers when it comes to the stat tandem of strikeouts per nine innings, ground ball percentage and hard-hit rate. These tend to be three crucial legs of a successful fantasy pitcher’s stool. Weakness in all three areas is a major red flag for considering whether to trust a pitcher in your lineup. Here are the qualified pitchers with a hard-hit rate above 40%, a K/9 under 9, and a GB-percentage below 48%.

  • Merrill Kelly is one of the worst offenders here. He wants to induce contact via ground balls but far too many pitches are hit hard and in the air.

  • The two Giants on this list survive because of their home ballpark. San Francisco stifles power more than any other field. Be very careful where you deploy them on the road.

  • Homer Bailey has a similar park advantage in Oakland. He was useless to us in Cincinnati but has found new life in comfier digs. Still, this hot streak may be short-lived.